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Van Dresser Company | Jillian Van Dresser

As founding Principal and Creative Director of Van Dresser Company, Jillian's sense of style, unwavering focus and attention-to-detail underscores the culture of the firm.  "Listening carefully to our clients, in order to surpass their expectations, is what my job is all about."  She is involved at all levels of the design process ensuring refined design with a current dialogue.  Through her leadership, the firm's reputation has been built on strong, long-lasting relationships centered on mutual respect, creativity and delivery.  Her extensive travels and love of art and music strengthen the design experience she shares with her clients and her design teams.

Jillian is also enthusiastic in her support of the hospitality industry.  Having served on industry boards and organizations in many capacities both locally and internationally, her network is extensive.  She served as International President of NEWH, Inc. and continues to promote and underscore the importance of the organization within our global industry.  

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